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Completed : 95%


U.S.Bagebi Tower is one of the ambitious projects of Alpha Holding Georgia which is part of much bigger Alpha Technologies, was created for those people who love nature. Building spread in 10,000 m2 with 57 residential apartments, which is allocated in 16 floors, from which, levels –1, –2 and –3 are for parking and level 1 & 2 is commercial. The complex located in one of the best residential area of Tbilisi which is ensuring best living conditions and neighborhood.


The total area of the building is 9300 m2.

Building Specification

Number of floors: 16
Number of apartments: 57
Number of Parking: 54
Size of apartments: 45 — 168.4 m2
Fully Finished Common Area:
Finished doorway
Ceramic Granite Floor
Painted walls
Elevator: One High quality elevator
Facade: decorated with Balcony with Glass and railing

Appartment Specification

Metallo-plastic windows and doors [Grey in color]
Cement screed coated floor
Iron entrance doors
Pargeted walls
Ceramic granite tiles on balconies


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